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Weddings are about emotion, moments and people. This is why I capture the soul of your day not just the gorgeous aesthetics. I try to tell your wedding story in a vivid, ‘hairs on the back of your neck’ kind of way so that it feels like you are back there again!

Your wedding photograph story will be a magical and unforgettable experience, love, nerves, romance, surprise, reunion, family and friendship. Every wedding is a unique story waiting to be told, with its own personality and spirit.

My approach

My gift as a wedding photographer is my naturalness with people, allowing¬†me to capture them in an unguarded manner. Knowing all the elements of a wedding day, and anticipating moments as they happen comes with experience. It’s my job as your photography story teller to capture all those little moments which happen within the blink of an eye, a tear wiped away by mum, a best friend proudly looking on at the bride, laughter from friends and all the other bits in-between.

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