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Max Payne 3 Download

Virus free Max Payne 3

Issue date June 1, 2012

Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3rd person

Manufacturer: Rockstar Vancouver

Publisher: Rockstar Games

Publishing Type: repack

Game Language: ENG | rus

Audio Language: ENG | rus

Crack: reboot

System requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 / Vista / XP PC (32 or 64 bit)

Processor: Intel or AMD Dual Core Dual Core GHz GHz

Memory: 2 GB

Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 8600 512 MB RAM and AMD Radeon HD 3400 512 MB RAM

Sound Card: Sound gailuDirectXcompatible

prastoruna free hard disk space: 30 GB


He was eight years after the events of Max Payne 2. Max is not a cop –

Three friends sitting on the przeciwbólowebezrobotnych drugs. Beaten. Compact.

It’s not the finish line. But after moving to Brazil, by chance, he entered the service in

the private security company and is designed to protect the family estate success

Employer. Soon, Max felt not only in New York City in your own skin,

but they SaoPauloŻyjelaws …


Just like in the movies. Payne 3 stsenyMax special fight, using advanced

Technology: Euphoria physical system, the service brake bullet time and time

“Smart” cameras bullet cams. No pre-calculated animations – Max moves, not ustępujepocisk

obstacles and meets all the requirements of the environment and the state of overcoming

and “fair” ability to react to every shot.

better safe than sorry. Max Payne 3 bataterpetxe features of this system,

rzutachelementyand the introduction of new players to play in each strategic

To act according to one night. an important role

Max Payne 3 is designed colleagues and opponents hero. create characters

hundreds of hours of video capturing the movements of the ships were recorded, and it is possible

Each section of the game to shoot each one, really special.

Rockstar style. Max Payne 3 is designed down to the smallest detail in it all.

The shooting did not go unnoticed: the projectile impact on the appearance of each

Max boyuvarta face and body to sweat,hot wounds

wrogów.Detailing shed blood incredible weapon: the shutter operates

camera clicks came out of the hose.

Heroes will not go away. Max Payne sang the role of well-known to fans of the series,

James McCaffrey, the original sounds detective. However, Max Payne 3,

James gave Max a głosu- role is not only limited to its appearance,

but also motion capture acting in the role of the High Court.



Max Payne 3

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