Questions to ask your wedding photographer

Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Photographer 

So, you’ve got a potential wedding photographer in mind. The chances are you’ve looked at their website, decided that you love their work and you’ve arranged to meet with them. Aside from feeling comfortable with your chosen photographer (which is probably the most important thing), you’ll want to know exactly what you’re going to get on the wedding day and beyond too.

Here are the questions you should ask your wedding photographer:

What is your photography style?

Documentary photographers will capture the day as it unfolds with very little posing. Or traditional photographers often use a flash source to pose photos and create dramatic portraits.

What is included in your packages?

It’s a good idea to check whether prints, albums, and engagement shoots are included in the overall cost as this can affect the total price significantly.

How much is the deposit and total fee? 

This can help you to budget better when you’re planning your big day. It’s also a good idea to ask when the final balance is due.

Have you done a wedding at my venue before?

A photographer who has been to your venue before is an added bonus. They will understand the location & light better BUT any seasoned professional photographer can work to any conditions so its not a must. Often a fresh pair of eyes can create more dynamic photographs.

How many hours of coverage will we get on the wedding day?

All day, half a day or a specific time frame find out whats included.

Do you have a back up plan if you can’t cover my wedding?

Illness happens, emergencies happen, and other unforeseen events can occur. A professional photographer will usually have a network of contacts they can call upon to stand in for them if something happens.

How long will I have to wait for my photos?

Every bride and groom (and their families and friends) want to see their photos as soon as possible, so it’s a good idea to have a rough idea of how long your photographer will take to deliver your images to you.

When you’re planning your wedding, you might have a million and one other things to think about, but getting clear on things with your photographer is time well spent. A perfect big day comes at a price, but peace of mind and amazing photos are priceless.

Will you need feeding?

Alot of clients ask me if I need feeding when I am photographing their wedding. All photographers are different but I do not stipulate a meal in my contract, however, your photographer will often be with you 12-14 hours and then have to travel home so a hot meal (especially in summer) is better than a warm sandwich from the car.

Will you bring a 2nd photographer?

At Charlotte Maddison Photography I have the option to add on a 2nd photographer for £100 a day. Some photographers will include one in the basic package price and some will quote for a 2nd. A second photographer is great for capturing alternative angles, more candid shots and groom prep shots. The 2nd photographer will allow the main photographer to be more creative because the 2nd will be able to share some of the work load.  The 2nd photographer should be able to provide professional equipment and photos to a high standard, I work with my step dad to ensure continunity of my services.

Are you insured?

A professional photographer will be insured for their equipment and for shooting in public locations. Some venues stipulate that photographers require insurance to be able to shoot at their venue.

Do you have back up equipment?

It doesn’t matter if you have the worlds best photographer, if their equipment fails at your wedding then they need a back up plan. I shoot with 2 cameras, multiple lenses, multiple flashes and my camera’s have dual card slots (in case of memory card failure!) This is a MUST in wedding photography. My work is also backed up multiple places securely after your wedding.

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