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So you are getting married….

Lincoln Wedding Photography

My gift as a wedding photographer is my naturalness with people, allowing me to capture them in an unguarded manner. Knowing all the elements of a wedding day, and anticipating moments as they happen comes with experience. It’s my job as your photography story teller to capture all those little moments which happen within the blink of an eye, a tear wiped away by mum, a best friend proudly looking on at the bride, laughter from friends and all the other bits in-between.

Wedding Photography in Lincolnshire

Photographing your wedding I will allow your day to unfold naturally with only really a few posed moments. While I understand clients hate being posed in their wedding photos I also know these are the one’s they want put onto canvas or into their wedding album. Being able to create stunning wedding portraits is something I specialise in and this is what separates my photography from any photo which a guest could easily have taken. Posed moments are kept to a minimum throughout the day and when I do ask you to pose you can be comfortable that I will advise you and get you to relax as a couple to get naturally beautiful portraits.

 Capturing all the details

Every moment of your wedding day has been lovingly thought out and its my job to capture those beautiful details.


Meet the team

Lead Photographer, Charlotte Maddison

I’ve been photographing weddings for 5 years under my own business. I adore capturing all the natural moments of your wedding days and tend to focus on this element of your day as it gives you the best experience of your wedding without lots of interruptions.

Second Photographer, Ronald Richardson




Recently I have taken on a 2nd photographer (my step dad) to assist with secondary shooting capturing separate angles, and alternative view points. I love working with family!

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