Katherine Tweedy

I have three amazing experiences with Charlotte so far!
The first, our wedding in 2014 where she achieved the most beautiful, flawless photos with attention to every little detail. She was outside in the pouring rain trying to get the perfect photo and spent ages getting all of our guests and venue photos! Photographs that we will treasure forever ❤️
The second, my maternity shoot when I was a paddling, sweaty mess at 37 weeks pregnant! Her studio was beautifully set up and everything was ready to just get going which was amazing. I brought my 2 year old with me so that I could capture memories of him and my belly (my last baby). Charlotte was patient with him, played with him and didn’t put pressure on anything which is invaluable when children like my little boy Leo, don’t like new situations.
And thirdly, last weekend to capture our second IVF miracle alongside his big brother for those beautiful baby photos. I can not recommend her enough ❤️truly talented, wonderfully patient and a really funny, genuine person

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