Maternity Photography

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A maternity photo session is £70 none refundable booking fee which excludes products.

Those first flutters, to the rolls and jumps my babies movement was my favourite thing about being pregnant. Laying in bed at night, cuddling my bump to sleep then suddenly you have a baby in your arms and that magical time is over forever. Even though I suffered with extreme sickness with three of my pregnancies, felt tired & swollen with the last two I still missed my pregnancies. No matter how good or bad your pregnancy one thing I hear from mothers is how later on, as their babies grew they missed their bumps and wished they had a fantastic portrait to look back upon to remember it.

Having a maternity shoot can be a nerve wrecking experience; you’re probably feeling swollen, tired and not very sexy. My job is to create photos you will be proud of; where you will be empowered, beautiful and feminine with your gorgeous bump… because a selfie pic on your phone \;really isn’t the way to remember your pregnancy.