Newborn safety – choosing a newborn baby photographer

Every week I receive multiple requests for my newborn baby photography prices.

‘Hi, I have seen your photos they are stunning and amazing! How much is a newborn session…’

However, do you know how many people ask me about safety & dignity? ZERO.

Not to say that my parents don’t care, those who do book me have taken time and effort to read my website, scroll my brochure and look at all my work. They feel happy and confident in the knowledge that its all explained here <3

There is a small percent though who are happy to choose their newborn photographer based soley on who is the ‘cheapest’ or who is the best ‘deal.’ And while I understand my photography prices are not for everyone (I’m a mum of 4!) I don’t believe that safety should be put on the bottom of the list when choosing a photographer.

What to ask your newborn photographer?

This is a list of general questions I have put together for you to think about asking your potential newborn baby photographer:

  1. Who have you trained with in newborn baby photography?
  2. Do you belong to any professional bodies such as BANPAS, Best Newborn Photographers, or photography associations?
  3. What do you do if a baby doesn’t settle?
  4. Do you attempt advanced posing such as froggy / head on hands and if so how do you make it safe?
  5. Are you insured?

I’ve been working with newborns since 2014 but it wasn’t until 2016 that I officially trained with one of the UK’s leading newborn photographers this year alone I will have trained with two more of the leading newborn baby photographers, there was no way I was attempting to pose babies in the more skilled poses before this training took place. Safety to me, is sooooooo important. But alongside this, dignity. Is your baby comfortable? Does your baby need feeding? Is mum and dad comforrtable with the posing and the way the session works?

Finally: advance poses such as head on hands, tushie, taco and froggy should always happen with a safety spotter / composite image (2 images supporting baby’s head) to ensure that baby is not going to injure themselves, after all they have no head support until over 3 months of age.

Why is my newborn session so hot!?

One last thing before I sign off, one of the things I keep hearing from sitter baby sessions is how they experienced a poor newborn session with other photographers because of the heat. I always ensure my work space is well heated for my newborns but lack of education to clients can cause distress. A newborn session involves babies being undressed or in states of undress and newborn babies do not regulate their temperature like adults (have you noticed they always have cold hands and feet?) this is to ensure they are kept at a healthy temperature through the posing. It also helps them sleep. BUT your newborn should never be sweating, sick or unwell from this heat. If you feel like the heat is effecting your newborn do mention it to your photographer, heaters can be turned off to ensure your precious baby is safe.

Examples from my sessions