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Pet Portraits

L I N C O L N S H I R E . P E T . P H O T O G R A P H Y

Pet Portraiture is £60 none refundable booking fee session only.

Plenty of people have engagement photos, family photos, or newborn photos done, but what about getting professional photos of that other very important member of your family, your precious pet?

Your fur babies are a huge part of family life, so why not book a photo shoot to capture everything from their gorgeous wet nose, to their super cute paws, and unique personality?

We’ll spend the session in natural surroundings in the dreamy light of the early morning or evening, and I’ll capture your pet’s playfulness and heart-melting cuteness. What’s even better is that your whole family can be part of it.

Let me create some beautiful images that you’ll love as much as you love your pet (well, almost.)

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