Steph & Michael’s Doddington Hall Wedding

Love & Laughter

When Stephanie contacted me to capture her wedding photography I was over joyed. She had seen Michael’s cousin’s wedding photos and loved them so for me it was a great honour to work with the family again.

The biggest part of Steph and Michael’s wedding was remembering Michael’s dad, Dave. When Dave passed away suddenly the year before the wedding Stephanie found small unique ways to include Dave in the wedding day. From the beautiful candle at the front of the church, lit to remember him, to the unique charm photos on the flowers.

Dave was spoken about often through out the day, bringing tears of love & moments of laughter. It was this spirit, of love and laughter that encapsulated the day and made for some great photo moments. Because lets face it, Stephanie was the stunning, picture perfect bride to photograph but more than that she was kind, caring and a little shy to capture.

As a couple, linked by fate, who had crossed paths many times before yet never formally met, once they had they realised he was the cousin of her best friend. I love little details of people’s love stories, I myself lived two streets away from my husband as a child yet never met him until one fateful night in a bar!

So here is there love story all the big and small moments.