What to expect

Because we’re not 100% sure when the newborn will be born we tend to secure a slot 7 days from your due date and another 14 days. This normally covers an early or late newborn.

The reason we photograph newborns under 14 days old is to ensure the sleepy, curled up, just born look. However, if you have not reserved a session and want to book one in last minute, no problem! We just may need to change the format of the session to take into account an older, more awake baby.

You will receive a Preparation Guide, which tells you how to prepare your baby and what to bring to your session.

It’s really important you follow the guide as much as possible! As it really enhances the session and ensures a sleepy baby!

Finally, Magic Moments wants you to enjoy your session, we appreciate that having a newborn is hectic, so remember to bring a book and some slippers so you can sit back and relax and watch me create beautiful images.

Newborn Baby Photography safety

One of the most important elements of my work is safe posing!

I have just completed a two day intensive course with Claire Elliot, Claire is a Guild of Photographer judge and an award winning photographer in her own right.

At Magic Moment’s Photography I promise to put the comfort, safety and dignity of your newborn to the forefront of your session at all times.

Examples of safety procedures

DSC_3865 DSC_3866