What you need to know when booking a wedding photographer

One of the last things which seems to be booked on the wedding ‘to do’ list – is the wedding photographer.

While attention is paid to the venue, the flowers, the dress and cake the person who will capture all your magical choices IS the wedding photographer and a good wedding photographer can get booked up a year in advance.

What kind of wedding photographer is right for you?

There are many types of wedding photographers, journalistic wedding photography, documentary wedding photography, reportage wedding photography and of course traditional wedding photography.

Myself, I describe as ‘reportage’ this means I use a mixture of posing and natural candid’s to capture the entire. The result is all the tiny details you spent hours planning are photographed along side the important natural moments.

When should I book?

I recommend booking your photographer as soon as your venue is secured. If you take into consideration a good, reputable wedding photographer can cost in the range of £900-£2,000 this can often give you the chance to work out a payment plan with your photographer. Alongside the fact they can get booked up a year in advance (sometimes longer) I am already taking bookings for late 2016.

What do I need to look for when I’m booking a photographer?

A lot of attention is paid to the cost – but like all things we know we get what we pay for. Similarly, if someone is asking for £1,000 + to capture your day you should look much further into the booking detials before you part with any money. Key things I always discuss with clients before booking are:

  • My style: showing a potential client a full range of weddings and a wedding example in full so they can get a good idea of my editing style and the kind of images they will receive.
  • Insurance: some venues insist your wedding photographer has public and indemnity insurance.
  • The kit: the kit is super important, while your photographer has the talent to create the stunning images, a photographer with one camera is no good to you. What if their main camera fails? Do they have back up camera body? Back up lens?
  • How do they work? Are they a quiet no frills photographer and is that someone you want beside you all day long? I offer a free pre-wedding photo shoot with any full day booking. That way they can see how I work, and how I can relax and make their wedding photography fun!
  • Wet weather: do they know how to shoot in wet weather? Do they have the creativity to still get those shots you need? Look for examples!

The key factor

The key to all good wedding photography is to find a wedding photographer whose images envoke something in you – that make you think ‘I want to look like that on my wedding day.’